Common Wealth Lifts The Curtain for a Sneak Peek — Meet the All Street Oracles That Will Revolutionise Crypto Access

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5 min readJan 25, 2024

TLDR: Common Wealth unveils a groundbreaking team of ten blockchain and investment specialists who will refer their early-stage deal flow to Common Wealth. The combination of seasoned professionals in traditional finance and cryptocurrency will become the bedrock of Common Wealth’s mission to create the most powerful value-creation system yet seen in the world.

You’ve been with us through the beta test announcement and several key partnerships showing that Common Wealth is here to stay in the crypto space. Now, are you ready to meet the investment daredevils who will link the Common Wealth community to high-value Web3 projects and startups? This latest piece of the Common Wealth puzzle marks a new era of inclusivity and opportunity in the crypto space as we see early-stage crypto deals — once reserved for venture capitalists — made available to the wider public.

Each of the All Street Oracles is a powerhouse in their own right, bringing a rich tapestry of experience in blockchain, venture capital, and strategic investment in fintech and blockchain. Their combined expertise is the bedrock upon which true access will be built. It’s time to roll out the red carpet for the real game-changers — the first to truly transcend the divide between the world of retail and institution.

Because each Oracle referral is an investment they have already finalised, this group of tech titans and investment wizards will ensure a systematic level of quality flowing towards the Common Wealth platform. With the All Street Oracles plugged in, Common Wealth is charting a course towards a future where Web3 technology is the beacon of light guiding us through uncharted territory towards financial sovereignty.

Meet the Dream Team Unlocking Access

Every success story starts with an idea and a constellation of like-minded individuals who are hell-bent on making it a reality. And just as Marvel has the Avengers to drive box office sales; Ocean has his Eleven to pull elaborate heists; the Starship Enterprise has its intrepid crew to brave hostile new worlds; Lord of the Rings has the Fellowship to push through challenging and dark times; so does Common Wealth have a supporting cast so daring and driven that they’re volunteering for something the likes of DeFi has not seen before.

So, without further ado, let’s meet the Oracles set to empower All Street

  1. Nenter Chow, Animoca Ventures: A seasoned veteran with 17 years in investment banking and a pioneer in early DeFi projects. Chow is the strategy whiz you want on your team.
  2. Jack Ratkovich, HashKey Capital: He left PwC in the middle of the crypto gold rush in 2021 and hasn’t looked back since. Co-founder of and a senior figure in ANG Ventures, Ratkovich is an investment guru redefining the game.
  3. Juliet Su, NewTribe Capital: From corporate investments to digital assets in 2017, Su’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. She’s the mastermind taking startups in the Middle East to new heights.
  4. Karan Gandhi, Cypher Capital: A Senior Investment Associate and former senior venture architect, Karan is the brains behind the success of numerous tech startups.
  5. Kyle Chassé, Master Ventures: A legend in the blockchain world, Chassé turned his success in regenerative medicine into a blockchain empire, driving the rise of over 100 early-stage projects.
  6. Jonathan Woolley, Metavest: Specialising in web3 gaming investments, Woolley’s focus on financial inclusivity within the crypto space is reshaping the traditional financial system.
  7. Josh Meier, Andromeda Capital: A titan in post-launch strategy, Josh has been the guiding light for over 40 crypto start-ups since 2017. He’s the strategist every project dreams of.
  8. Oliver Blakey, Paper Ventures: A former professional poker player turned DLT investment expert, Blakey’s strategic play is now in the crypto realm.
  9. Ben Clarke, A195 Ventures: With a background in finance and real estate, Clarke’s transition to the digital world has been marked by notable success in blockchain technology investments.
  10. David Waslen, Accretive: A veteran in corporate finance, venture capital, and private equity, Waslen’s insight and experience in Web3 since 2016 are invaluable.

Why This Matters

All Street, this is where it gets real. These Oracles are the gateway to democratizing access to early-stage cryptocurrency investments. They’re not here to call the shots but to voluntarily link hidden gem opportunities to the 99%, blasting open doors once reserved for the elite venture capitalists. This means regular crypto users like us get a front-row seat to the most lucrative deals in the crypto world.

The Common Wealth Promise

At Common Wealth, we’re not just about shaking up the investment scene; we’re about redesigning the system. By leveraging the colossal experience and insight of the All Street Oracles, Common Wealth ensures users have access to the best early-stage investments. This is about levelling the playing field, where your voice and your investment choices matter.

The Future Looks Bright

This unveiling is just the beginning. Common Wealth is setting the stage for a financial ecosystem where everyone has access to wealth-generating opportunities. So, All Street, let’s gear up for a journey where finance meets innovation and where your investment dreams can turn into reality. Stay tuned, because with Common Wealth and this powerhouse that are the All Street Oracles, the future of crypto investing is looking brighter than ever!

About Common Wealth

Common Wealth is an early-stage Web3 investment platform for everyone — providing an all-access pass for retail investors to take control of their financial future. It aims to disrupt, scale and optimise the traditional venture capital investment model using Web3 principles and technology.

By opening up access to the 99%, Common Wealth incentivises crowd-sourced wisdom and scales better standards of investment and education with high-level due diligence.

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