Levelling The Playing Field: A Free Fund For All Street

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7 min readFeb 9, 2024

Today is a defining moment in the pursuit of equitable financial opportunity for all. Today is the reveal of the world’s first ever Free Venture Fund, with zero royalties, for the 99%. And it’s changing the game forever.

The Common Wealth Free VC Fund is an approximately $2,400,000 worth of early-stage allocation in 15 highly anticipated, yet-to-launch projects, and can be yours!*

Web3 communities have had enough of playing second fiddle to the privileged few. The call for a more level playing field has been heard and answered. Enter, Common Wealth’s Free Fund, ensuring for the first time that the power of early-stage access in Web3 is now firmly in the hands of the community it serves. Supported by Web3 leaders with a social reach of over 12 million people, this is what you might call a system designed by, and for, All Street!

With this “earn-to-own” Free Fund, Common Wealth enters truly uncharted territory. Championing the innovation brought to life by this revolutionary system, there are no fund managers, there are no general partners, and there are no management fees! This is also the first fund that is totally non-custodial, and is always liquid (sell in whole or part at any time); Ah-thankin’ you Blockchain! Speaking of the chain, impeccable transparency and permissionless execution are also guaranteed by the first ever fund to be run by virtue of smart-contracts.

The World’s First Free Investment Fund Deconstructed

The Free Fund will be fully airdropped as “slices” to the winners of a 3 week campaign, which starts on 21st February 2024. Each Free Fund slice will appear in their wallets as completely non-fungible and immutable proof of ownership, which can be split, transferred, traded at the discretion of the holder.

The Reward Structure is designed with inclusion and fairness in mind as well:

  • Top Tier: The first 10 participants will each secure a $10,000** allocation.
  • Second Tier: The next 50 participants will be awarded $5,000** allocation.
  • Third Tier: The next 1,000 participants will be awarded $1,000** allocation
  • Runners Up: All others on the leaderboard will share in a generous distribution of $1.05 million worth of $WLTH tokens (FDV at $30m), ensuring no one leaves empty handed.
  • Special Recognition: As a nod to their crucial early support, Genesis NFT holders and Beta Testers will receive extra XP (campaign points), underscoring the value Common Wealth places on its earliest backers and supporters.

Meet The Starring Cast

The pioneers making up the fund have all been referred by the All Street Oracles, and represent the best that Web3 in 2024 has to offer across Gaming, Infrastructure, DeFi, and some that may even command their own new category!

All Street, meet the All Stars of the Free Fund:

Analog, a suite of omni-chain interoperability protocols, simplifies access to Web3 data and removes barriers to cross-chain communication.

Asymmetry Finance is a protocol designed to sustainably increase ETH staking yield through real yield hybrid products & strategies.

BLOCKLORDS is a player-driven medieval grand strategy game that immerses players in a world where their decisions and skills significantly shape the narrative and environment.

Chirp— harnessing the power of DePIN to be your global connectivity provider.

Cookie3 is designed to help you make smarter decisions based on the latest data analytics and insights, unlocking Web3 marketing value for users, creators, and businesses.

Diamond Swap is a community-driven, multi-chain DEX that is optimized to run on any EVM-compatible blockchain network.

Dyor Exchange is Web3 Investing Simplified. Swipe to discover, follow investors and invest in high-quality projects, fully decentralised.

FairSide provides first of its kind wallet coverage for assets you self-custody. For a small annual premium, they provide coverage against 30+ types of hacks and scams.

Mangata Finance is an omnichain zk-rollup for L1 grade native liquidity with the vision to make tokens from all ecosystems tradable.

Mavryk Network is a Layer 1 crafting a new paradigm for powering the next generation of Real World Assets with DeFi, onboarding a diversified portfolio of tokenized RWAs, accompanied by integrated DeFi dApps.

Niburu is a breakthrough smart contract platform providing superior throughput, reduced latency, and improved security, all driven by Web Assembly (Wasm) smart contracts.

Nyan Heroes is a team-based hero shooter featuring small cats piloting giant mechs. Use unique abilities and advanced feline movement to secure objectives and defeat your opponents.

OP Games is the place where game developers come to build the future of Web 3 gaming one block at a time.

Rabbet is a sports betting and casino games platform with a never-seen-before customer acquisition and retention strategy

The game has truly changed. And here’s how to play it…

How It Will Go Down

The Free VC Fund kicks off on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, and will span three weeks, ending with a verification phase. A total of 1060 winners will see the prizes air-dropped straight to their wallets when the app goes live on zkSync ERA mainnet before 8th April 2024. The winners of the $WLTH airdrop will receive their full airdrop at TGE (week commencing 8th April 2024). While the campaign dates and timelines are always subject to change, the community can rest assured that valid entries will be fully acknowledged and rewards will be transferred.

To keep things fair, simple and transparent, there are some rules to follow, of course:

  1. Set Up Your Profile: Create a profile on the Common Wealth app with an email.
  2. Complete Missions: Finish at least three missions per project to make it onto the leaderboard.
  3. Provide Proof: Stay vigilant. Some missions will require proof of completion.
  4. Verification: The Common Wealth team will verify the results. Invalidated results can be retried until the campaign closes. Invalidated results after this cannot be retried.
  5. Winning Criteria: The highest XP score determines winners at the promotion’s end.
  6. Prize Exclusivity: Winners can claim one spot on the leaderboard and one prize.
  7. Airdrop Eligibility: All who qualify for the leaderboard, except Tier 1,2 and 3 winners, get a $WLTH airdrop at TGE.
  8. Tie-Breakers: Algorithmic tie-breakers will be in place to resolve score ties with AI objectivity.
  9. Final Decisions: Judges’ decisions are final. You will have to deal with it.

Post-launch, the Free Fund will function similarly to all others coming to the Common Wealth app, where a permissionless system will run the investment processes and provide the owners of the slices with their proceeds until the fund is fully vested. Throughout the fund lifecycle, the app will continue to reward education and engagement across the Common Wealth ecosystem.

The All Street Promise

“What if retail investors were invited to the same private, early-stage sale crypto deals as traditional venture capitalists?” Common Wealth Manifesto.

This is the question that is central to the existence of Common Wealth and the driving force behind the vision of All Street.

You’ve shown more than patience. You have shown conviction. Genesis NFT holders have backed the vision of levelling the playing field in Web3. Some of you have stepped up as leaders of All Street, whether it’s educating newcomers or battle-testing the beta application, Common Wealth is a truly co-created system. It was never going to be easy and there are still many unknowns, but one thing is clear: we did it.

For all things All Street, click here.

* Eligibility defined in campaign Ts & Cs
** Estimated value of the allocations based on the project’s most recent private funding round



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